Lupe Previews Girls-Only Song 'Drizzy's Law'

Supafest 2012

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

All the ladies to the front. During the Tetsuo and Youth tour in Atlanta this weekend, Lupe Fiasco previewed a new song that's strictly for the women called "Drizzy's Law." Before jumping into the emo number, which sounds like something a certain rapper from Toronto would make, Lupe asked all the ladies to come to the front of the stage.

The track apparently worked. Female fans reportedly in attendance applauded Lupe for making them a slow jam. "Thank you @LupeFiasco for making the n----s move to the back at the show. #DrizzysLaw" said Peachtree Girl.

Unknown for sure, but it seems that Lupe may be taking a dig at Drake in the song title. This wouldn't be the first time. Earlier this year, Lupe mentioned the Nothing Was the Same rapper on his "Peace Of Paper/Cup Of Jayzus."

His line, "What would be really funny if I blew up after Drizzy/And started from the bottomless back to the topless like a watcher of Strips," is clearly a response to the Toronto rapper's reference, "My weight up, I refuse to wait up, I started a new race/It's funny when you think a n--- blew up after Lupe" from "5am in Toronto."

Lupe also seemingly got his subtle jabs in on "Pound Of Flesh (Paris, Tokyo 2)" Freestyle in which he raps over Drake's "Pound Cake" beat.