Rockie Fresh And Casey Veggies Announce Joint EP On 'RapFix Live'

By Maurice Bobb

So what do you get when you combine Rockie Fresh and Casey Veggies? Fresh Veggies, of course. And while Fresh Veggies sounds like something your mother would push you to eat at dinnertime, it’s actually the tentative title of the two young spitters’ upcoming free EP to be presented by their new sneaker endorser, Puma.

“We out here in New York City at the Puma photoshoot,” Veggies said in a special announcement made on "RapFix Live" Wednesday (October 30). “It’s been almost a year now we been working with Puma and I just thought it was a great opportunity and I thought it was dope that they were even opening their eyes to what we were doing. I been buying Pumas since I was like a 12 year old kid, 13 year old kid in high school so it was crazy that they would endorse our brand and what we doing with our lifestyle brand, our music.”

Puma has deep roots in the annals of hip-hop—B-Boys wore their suede kicks with fat laces in them while breakdancing—so it’s no shock that the sneaker giant would proudly present a collaborative project featuring two of rap’s brightest young upstarts.

“To become a rapper was one thing that was dope, that’s a dream that every young black man got, so for me to make that happen was dope, but to be able to get a sneaker deal, too, just put the icing on the cake,” Rockie Fresh added. “And what better brand to do it with then somebody that I already respect. Bigger than the money, it was like ‘Man, I really got respect for the brand,’ so salute to Puma.”

The new partners in rhyme aren’t an unlikely pairing. To date, they’ve already joined forces on such songs as “Duckin N Dodgin” and “Energy.”

“Me and Rockie been doing music together,” the Peas N’ Carrots rapper said. “It’s dope that we both end up doing our thing, we both end up working with Puma and getting endorsed by Puma, so we was like, ‘Let’s get together and do a tape together,’ so we could team up with bigger companies and really bring our music together…bring what we been doing the whole time and just have fun with it.”

The new project is slated to be released in December and, judging by their excitement, should be quite the sonic treat for their collective fans.

“We always was able to make records together easy,” the MMG representer said. “But now to be able to do it on a level we at now, I think it’s gon be something special on both parts, just the performance that you gon see, it’s gon be crazy, man, something classic.”

“Fresh Veggies,” Veggies said. “That’s what everybody think. Y’all need that Fresh Veggies. We gon leave y’all with that.