Jeezy Being Sued By Hells Angels Motorcycle Gang

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By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Jeezy has been pushing his 8732 clothing line for years but he may have beef with the Hells Angels because of it. TMZ reports that the motorcycle club is suing Jeezy for using their Death Head logo on his apparel.

Per TMZ, the Hells Angels don't think that Jizzle is copying and pasting their logo but it's a close enough replica that fans may get confused.

Jeezy continues to expand his fashion empire and recently, partnered with Gourmet Footwear to launch a line of crocodile shoes. Karen Civil shares that Jeezy’s capsule crocodile-inspired collection includes footwear made with real Italian crocodile, imported snake skin and wolverine suede.

Earlier this year, Jeezy made news when he changed his name from "Young Jeezy" to just "Jeezy." He explained on "RapFix Live" that he's on his grown man status and that prompted his name makeover. "I'm grown now; I did enough of that," he explained. "It sounds good because when I came in the game that's who I was and that was my state of mind, but I'm a grown man. Those zeros get to adding up, you gotta drop the 'young.' "

No word on what the grown man's take on the Hells Angels lawsuit is.