Wu-Tang Clan Crown Regis Philbin 'The New ODB'

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

What do you get when you combine Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon and Ghostface Killah with talk show legend Regis Philbin? Television gold. The rappers stopped by Fox Sports' "Crowd Goes Wild" to have some fun with the 82-year-old Regis and revealed that he's been a part of the Wu-Tang team forever.

"The truth is, when I really want to let off some steam... I turn on the 8-trak and put on a little Wu-Tang," joked Regis. Regis then mispronounced Raekwon's name, but Rae gifted him with a Wu-Tang t-shirt anyways. Regis was then dubbed "The New ODB."

Later, Raekwon posted a photo of the unlikely bromance on Instagram. In the flick, Regis is wearing a black "Protect Ya Neck" t-shirt and hugging both rappers.

The rappers also faced-off in a lyrics game while on "Crowd Goes Wild," in which they tried match the lyrics of songs to athletes that rapped them. Both Rae and Ghost struggled to remember verses from Kobe Bryant and Deion Sanders. Eventually, Ghost won with one point to Raekwon's zero.