Timbaland Previews New Jay Z And Drake Track

By Maurice Bobb

While accompanying Jay Z on the “Magna Carta World Tour” in Europe, Timbaland has been previewing a new track presumably from his upcoming LP, Shock Value III, featuring Hov and Drake.

“New Timbo sh– make some noise!” Jay said before continuing with “You gotta sell these bitches a dream my n—a. N—as like Walt Disney around this bitch!”

Animated behind the DJ stand, Timbo cues up the track, which features an uptempo, oft-kilter beat, and raps along with the song’s audio. “If you wanna make a movie let me know,” he raps, before offering up the song’s hook, which features the line, “What you know ‘bout me? Not a mother-cking thang.”

Embedded from www.youtube.com.