Yo Gotti, T.I. Fed Off Each Other's Creative Energy For 'King Sh*t'

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By Rob Markman

Yo Gotti is no stranger to the turn-up, but there's something about collaborating with his homey T.I. that excites the Memphis, Tennessee rhyme dealer. On Tuesday (October 15), Gotti debuted his and T.I.'s video for "King Sh--," the new single form his upcoming November 19 album I Am.

"I done the record with T.I. out in L.A. when I was out there just chillin' for a minute. T.I. was in town so he had reached out to me, to let me know he's in town," Gotti told RapFix of the adrenaline-laced track. "I played him the track and we just went in from there. T.I. is like a mentor to me so, working with big homey is always a big thing for me."

In the video, Gotti and Tip traded bars on a closed set. The video’s post-production and visual effects help to illustrate each line. So when Yo Gotti spits "House up in the hills, got it off a cocaine," the shadow that he casts turns into a cartoon-styled house.

"We wanted to do a video that was super creative because of the track," he explained. "We just wanted to make sure it looked different from any video I had done before."

T.I. comes in on the second verse, with a fiery performance and rapid fire rhymes. It’s a memorable rhyme in a long catalog of memorable T.I. rhymes. "When he came into the studio I had already done the first verse and then he came jumped on the second verse, so I had to go back in on the third," Gotti recalled of the track’s creation. "It was most definite energy, I like doin' studio sessions where somebody deliver the heat that make you gotta go back in and deliver more heat."

Gotti was thrilled at how he and T.I. were able to inspire each other while making the single. "When he first heard the record, he knew he had to turn up on there, when he done his verse, I knew I had to turn up some more," he said. "It’s the type of energy you need in the studio."

The excitement is definitely building for Gotti’s November 19, release. Not only is he on the road promoting I Am, he has been letting fans into his everyday life with a candid vlog series that he puts out every day until his release date.