J. Cole And Diddy Have Fun With Fight Rumors

By Jason Brendler

A few weeks back there was word that Diddy and J. Cole almost threw down at a nightclub, but they both want fans to know that it was just a friendly falling out.

It was rumored that Diddy almost got into a scuffle with the Roc Nation rapper at Hov’s VMA after party, but all of that talk has been put to rest, thanks to a few tweets and a new video from RevoltTV.

Immediately after news of the incident broke, Diddy took to Twitter to pay his respects to J Cole, claiming that the rumors weren’t true and the party was a great time.

During J. Cole's recent visit to Revolt, Diddy made sure to pop on screen for an appearance. After a couple of soft shots to the ribs (playful and harmless), it was clear the two were just clowning around about the whole thing. I guess we’ll just have to wonder who the winner would be if the two ever actually did throw down, but for now, it’s good to see the “beef” squashed.