Lupe Fiasco And Ed Sheeran Please 70s Babies With 'Old School Love'


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Lupe Fiasco goes for a different, smooth sound on his new track "Old School Love." With help from singer Ed Sheeran, Lupe raps about the good old days. “Give me that late 80?s, early 90ss old-school/Feeling like my second album so cool," he spits on the nostalgia-laden beat.

Fans were quick to embrace the song on Twitter, especially fans of old school hip-hop. "Nice one from Lupe for 70s babies" said Complex E-I-C- Noah Callahan-Bever.

Many likened the track's beat to that of Kanye's "Family Business." "lupe fiasco & ed sheeran was a genius collaboration," tweeted fan Debbie. Even those who weren't fans out the gate gave the song's infectious sound props. "New Lupe. Hook mad cheesy, meaning I will probably be obsessed with it by week's end" said Maggie Wrobel.

"Old School Love" will be featured on Lupe's upcoming album Tetsuo & Youth which is slated to drop next year. Lu is hitting the road for a 32-city tour starting next month called the “Tetsuo and Youth Preview Tour” so expect plenty of new music to be played.