Chance The Rapper, James Blake: Behind-The-Scenes Of 'Life Round Here' Video

By Maurice Bobb

Chance the Singer? That doesn’t have quite the ring to it that Chance the Rapper does, but the Chicago MC almost turned in an all-singing guest spot on the remix of James Blake’s “Life Round Here,” as we learned in behind-the-scenes footage Noisey shot of the duo in Hertfordshire, England.

“At first, I was like ‘Whoa, he just singing,’ so I just sent back an email saying Chance the Singer,” Blake said laughing, describing how the collaboration came together.

“I always wanted to work with James," Chance added. "It was a really big deal when we figured out that we would be doing a track together."

In the brief NABIL-directed clip, a horse and lowrider are shown as the two artists talk about the song and how the accompanying music video might feature Somali pirates.

“It was kinda scary for ‘Life Round Here’ cuz it was already a song that I knew and I was like ‘I don’t wanna f--- it up’,” Chance said. “It actually went through a couple of changes. We started off with more of a croon than anything and James ended up chopping that and I ended up coming up with the verses on it now a little bit later.”

Surprisingly, Blake never thought his Overgrown single was quite finished until his new rapper friend laced it with a hot verse. “It neatly wrapped up the tune with a nice little bow,” Blake said.