Lil Wayne, Big Sean, 2 Chainz Have Fun With 'Mean Tweets'

By Julia Brokaw

Kanye West fans who tuned in on Wednesday night (October 9) to watch his much-anticipated interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," got an extra surprise when Kimmel served up a hip-hop heavy version of his famous “Mean Tweets” series where celebrities read off tweets from their biggest haters, all while doing their best to keep a straight face.

Lil Wayne, Big Sean, and 2 Chainz stepped up to bat to represent hip-hop amongst other artists such as K$sha and Katy Perry. With a dead-pan look on his face, West protégé Big Sean led the pack, hilariously reading a tweet that said “Big Sean, more like big f---ing Douche” with an uproar of laughs from the crowd.

Next, Lil Wayne read off a tweet where the person described the Young Money rapper as looking like a “crabapple.” Wayne’s response, “I don’t know what a crabapple is, so f--- all y’all," generated even more laughs than the tweet itself.

Arguably the best tweet of all was read by 2 Chainz:(see minute 2:41 in the video). “2 Chainz looks like Whoopi Goldberg…” followed by “#truuuuu.” Stay tuned for Ms. Goldberg’s response.