50 Cent Does It For The Kids With 'Dream School' Show

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By Jason Brendler

50 Cent, a.k.a. Ferrari F 50, sat down with MTV Act to discuss his new show “Dream School," among other topics like money and being a very strict father.

The show focuses on 15 high school dropouts, all from different backgrounds and with different problems, ranging from drug addiction to teen pregnancy. “Dream School” gives them the chance to finish their education with help from their “mentors” who include Fiddy himself, David Arquette, Swizz Beatz and Reverend Jesse Jackson.

When asked about leaving a legacy, he referenced billionaire philanthropists, explaining, “I ain’t in that actual space yet financially, but I’m still a billion dollars where I came from.” On the show, he stresses to the kids that being poor ain’t cool and ain’t fun, saying “when you tell them they’ll have a million dollars less than a person who has a diploma, that provides a little motivation.”

50, whose son is now 17 years old, told MTV Act that his son has a fear of him and commonly hears the phrase from his mother, “wait till your father finds out.” When asked about being a strict dad, he responded, “I feel like I’ve always made him feel like he’s the man when I’m not around, so it’s his job to make sure everything’s alright, to take care of your mother, to not give her a hard time.”

To see the rest of the interview along with news on the original P.I.M.P.’s upcoming projects, visit Act.MTV.com.

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