Nicki Minaj Gets Ellen On Her Twerk Out Plan

By Maurice Bobb

Nicki Minaj really lets her hair down for her appearances on the "Ellen" television show and brings the funny. During her most recent visit to the daytime juggernaut, the Queen of the Barbz had a star turn in a hilarious parody skit about twerking called, “Extreme Home Twerk Out.” 

“If you wanna look amazing, you can’t just work out, you’ve gotta twerk out,” Nicki says in the infomercial parody as a “Paid Celebrity Endorsement.”

“Hi, Nicki Minaj here and I’ve got a big ass secret for you,” she continues. “Wanna know how I maintain this perfect hourglass figure? It’s simple. ‘Extreme Home Twerk Out’.”

From there, the clip flashes to a trainer, who belts out commands, “And twerk and twerk and twerk and twerk and twerk,” while two fitness clients pop it on cue.

Where things take a ridiculous turn is in the twerker testimonials portion of the video, where a guy earns a huge “badonkadonk” much like the one the YMCMB empress has herself from twerkin’ out.