Cam'ron Isn't Feeling Jay Z's Exaggeration On 'Pound Cake'

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By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Jay Z is so rich, he makes millionaires out of other people. The rapper lists all of the folks he's worked with and "made millions" for on Drake's "Pound Cake" and now one of those named, rapper Cam'ron, is responding that the boast was exaggerated.

"The way he put his lyrics [together] and made it seem like he made n----s money or put them in the place where they was supposed to be… He could’ve worded it like he helped n----s make more millions, instead of saying you made n----s millionaires," Killa said to KarenCivil.

"I've done made more millionaires than the lotto did/Dame made millions, Biggs made millions/Ye made millions, Just made millions/Lyor made millions, Cam made millions," Jay raps on the song from Drake's Nothing Was the Same. He is referring to several executives and artists who helped build Roc-A-Fella Records.

Still, Cam wasn't surprised by the verse and doesn't see it at a diss." Not really shocked, that’s just mad random. I thought it came from nowhere basically. Just to clarify, I don’t think Jay was necessarily taking shots at me. I just stated the facts of the scenario. He said he made more millionaires than the lotto did, but I knew Jay when he didn’t have a million, when none of us had a million, when Dame and them were on the come-up. I respect what all of us have done because I know where we all come from. "

Jay and Cam have had a long history of back-and-forth. In 2002, Cam was made VP of the Roc and per reports, Jay was not too pleased. After that, the two threw disses at each other for several years.