Drake Announces 2016 NBA All-Star Game In Toronto, New Raptors Job

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Drake put on for his city this morning by announcing that the 2016 NBA All- Star Game will take place in his hometown of Toronto.

In a press conference, a dapper Drake shared his excitement. "I'm extremely passionate about two things: my city and my family. Being up here with my new family, these gentlemen, I'm extremely excited."

He added, "Everywhere I go, I preach the gospel that is Toronto...I can't wait for All-Star 2016," he said. "I'm here always for the city."

Drake called the Raptors his new "family" for a reason. The Toronto Star reports that the rapper has a new job as the global ambassador for the NBA team. Drizzy will leverage his star power and help in the team's rebranding efforts.

The Raptors will not change their name but apparently they have new colors for the 2015-2016 season. With Drake at the helm, there will undoubtedly be other hip-hop and music tie-ins fans can expect.