Drake Explains Why He Was Rejected From Miami Heat Locker Room

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Being rejected at the door to a party doesn't faze Drake. The superstar rapper explained why he was denied from entering the Miami Heat locker room this summer after the team's championship victory.

He told HQ on ESPN that he was just joking around by entering the media entrance to celebrate the Heats' win. "As I joke, I tried to go in with the media through the media entrance."

He continued, "That was a great night, one of the greatest nights of my life. But that was probably the highlight, was getting denied by that old guy and it making news everywhere. ..That's a classic moment. I'm allowed to go in the Heat locker room for the most part, but I just tried to do it in a funny way. It didn't work out for me, I'll never do it again."

The easygoing artist then threw in a little jab at the security guard who refused him. “It’s good to know that that [security] guy is doing his job,” Drake continued. “Some things are sacred, for example, like the Heat locker room on the night of the NBA Finals. Not anybody should be able to walk in there, and he clearly knows zero Drake songs. I don’t blame him, he was like 89 years old. I understand, hats off to that gentleman who was doing due diligence as security.”