Kanye West Gets Original Artwork Created By Tyler, the Creator

kanye and tyler

By Maurice Bobb

Whatever the perceived differences are between Kanye West and Tyler, the Creator, the unlikely pair can be considered as kindred spirits when it comes to artistry and creativity. Which is why the latter gifted the former with an original work of art he’d created while in Australia last year.

With the tagline, “Gave Him This Piece I Did Back In '12 In Australia,” Tyler, who goes by the name feliciathegoat on Instagram, posted a picture of a tooth-picked and multiple gold chain wearing-‘Ye crouched down next to the piece, which features three naked female torsos with the words “pus” and “golfwang” underlining it.

Two years ago, the Odd Future frontman voiced his adoration for the Yeezus MC and even admitted that they were fans of each other’s work.

“I’m a big Kanye West fan, and I also compose music and I rap and I direct videos," Tyler said. "I don’t want him thinking he’s the only person that could do that. My competition isn’t like these other upcoming rappers and s**t. It’s him.”

Competition notwithstanding, it’s easy to assume that Yeezy will treasure his original “Tyler” and hang it on one of his walls in Paris.