Teyana Taylor Calls Rihanna A 'Cyber Bully' After Twitter Showdown


By Maurice Bobb

Teyana Taylor is fed up with Rihanna’s cyber-bullying. That’s why she went at the Bajan singer’s neck Tuesday on Twitter for mocking her on Instagram. And that’s why she called up Hot 97 Morning Show’s Ebro Darden and Paul Rosenberg to speak her peace.

“I do think she’s a cyber-bully. I really do,” Teyana said via MissInfo. “And I think she has dope music, I’m not no hater. Dope music is dope music. She’s a pretty girl. But that don’t mean you can bully people like that.”

Despite her allegiance to Rih Rih’s ex, Chris Brown, the G.O.O.D. Music signee is clueless as to why she was targeted.

“I really don’t understand neither,” she said. “I’ve been in the studio, minding my business, trying to stay focused. And then yesterday I randomly was on my Instagram page and I heard she made a video. I just thought it was really harsh. You got a dude singing ‘Caught Up In The Rapture of Love’ with big hair, a snap-back, and some Jordans on and I just sung that a week ago. For her to go and make a video, that ain’t a coinkidink. She knew what she was doing.”

Additionally, Teyana feels as though Rihanna’s “Navy” has enabled her to continue to overdose on her destructive online etiquette. Before Teyana, there were the numerous tiffs with Ciara that played out on social media.

“I think her fans allows and condone her behavior and she does this to everybody,” she added. “And it’s not always fun and games all the time. You do it, you get away with it. You tried me. You clapped and I clapped back.”

During the online war of words, the Unapologetic singer changed her Twitter background to reflect the vast disparity between the two ladies’ net worth punctuated by the tweet “I hate broke bitches,” which was a ploy that really rubbed Teyana the wrong way.


“We all know that was inaccurate,” Teyana said. “She went online to find the lowest net worth which is false. Let’s get deeper because she’s worth $90 million. So for everybody that think she’s worth 90 million, she ain’t got time, but you got time to go to Google, you had time to fix up pictures, you had time to make me your main picture yet and still you tweet ‘I’m not gonna @ her I’m not gonna make her famous’.”

Both of the ladies have since deleted some of the more salacious tweets from their feeds, which is hopefully a sign that they’ll both drop the feud and focus on what’s more important: their music.