Mayweather Wants Miley Cyrus Escort To Boxing Ring

iHeartRadio Music Festival - Day 2 - Show

By Georgette Pierre

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is known for his money team references and his interesting selections of musical artists to escort him to the ring--most recently, Weezy and Justin Bieber--but the next artist he has eyes set on may come as a surprise. Or actually, maybe not.

When interviewed by Billboard at the iHeartRadio music festival this past weekend, Mayweather revealed he wanted the "Wrecking Ball" singer herself, Miley Cyrus as his next contender. "I was thinking about letting the twerk queen Miley Cyrus bring me out, why not?" When asked about her music, he went on to say, "I have a very, very open mind. She's very entertaining."

His most recent fight, he turned heads when Lil Wayne and young pop star, Justin Bieber, accompanied him. What were his thoughts on Bieber? "When you're the best, you only want to surround yourself with the best. He's an exceptional artist. He's the future."

Mayweather's past selection has also included 50 Cent.