Iggy Azalea Details Her Early Sexual Encounters

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By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Iggy Azalea is one of rap's sexiest personas and she's opening up about her wild past in the pages of Complex's November issue. Gracing the cover wearing only flower petals, the "Work" rapper reveals a life of underage sex and partying in her native Australia.

"When I was 13 I got a fake ID," Azalea says. "I’d go out, get hammered off my face in nightclubs because I thought that made me an adult, meet older guys who thought I was older, and go f--k them. I’d do that all the time."

She shares an especially scary story in which a man once chased her and friends after a night of out. "We would hang out there so late that the train would stop working, and then we would walk back into the city on the sides of the road, three or four drunk 14-year-old girls with fake IDs," Azalea said.

"One time, after going to a nightclub with my friend, a guy followed us through all the carriages. Every station, we’d get out and switch a carriage and he would find the carriage we were in. When we got to the station in Sydney he started to chase us and was like, 'Come here, you little sl--s.' We ran and locked ourselves in the disabled bathroom and we stayed in there for like four hours until the sun came up and people were out for work again. That’s the only time I’ve ever felt scared doing something dumb."

Iggy just released "Change Your Life" with T.I. and continues to prepare her debut The New Classic.