DMX Seeks Out Help From Dr. Phil


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

DMX is bringing in the big guns to help with his ongoing personal issues. The Mount Vernon-born rapper has scheduled a sit-down with expert Dr. Phil.

Based on recent events, the rapper and self-help guru will have plenty to talk about. X was just recently caught on camera streaking through a hotel lobby. X was reportedly walking around a hotel hallway in his boxer shorts, socks and house arrest ankle bracelet and then for some reason, decided to strip down. He later explained that it was a dare and he "has a big ass d---" so he did what he wanted to do.

X has had very public issues in the past with addiction and the law. Back in 2008, the rapper was also charged with animal cruelty and drug possession. A few months ago, he was stopped and charged with DUI.

X tried to solve his issues on television with Iyanla's "Fix My Life" on Oprah's OWN Network, but the taping did not go as planned and X eventually snapped at the host. "Shut the f--- up man. You ain’t got to be intimidated man. Just stop running your mouth!" he yells at her in one scene.