Mister Cee Explains Newfound 'Sexual Freedom' In AIDS PSA

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Last week, Mister Cee resigned from his post at Hot 97 in NYC with an emotional goodbye, after admitting to a sexual encounter with a transsexual man. Cee returned to his post a day later but is now speaking out about his newfound sexuality.

"With the grace of family and good friends around me, they made me feel comfortable to exercise my human right of sexual freedom. Instead of finding myself being self-detained by discrimination, judgement, criticism and even violence from my own community," says the legendary DJ in a new PSA in partnership with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF).

Cee explains that it's "not cool" in hip-hop for being gay or bisexual, so he kept his personal life and preferences to himself. Cee says that he not only hurt himself by living a lie but he was doing a disservice to others who may be in similar situations. "I got tired of lying and hiding," he says in the PSA. "Today is about sexual freedom. You don't have to be afraid, but you do have to be careful" he says.

Following his departure from Hot 97, Cee returned to give the station an in-depth interview. He admitted to having relations with men, although he denied being gay at the time, and got emotional. Cee has been on Hot 97 for two decades and has worked with some of rap's biggest legends including Big Daddy Kane and The Notorious B.I.G.