Drake's Nothing Was The Same Album Leaks: How Do Fans Really Feel?


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Drake's Nothing Was the Same album sprung a leak last night. As one of the year's most highly-anticipated albums, fans were quick to download it well before its official September 24 release date, but not without the usual, Drake-related humor. Many used the leak to lovingly poke fun at Drake and his very emotional music.

"If you don't mix-and-match your exes to match the situations on #NWTS, you're doing it wrong," said fan Jordan Martins, a nod to cuts like "The Language" and "Come Thru."

(Drake has aspirations of being Marvin Gaye on Nothing Was the Same)

"RT this if you had to hide your phone since listening to #NothingWasTheSame so you wouldn't call your ex" said Dre Traxxx, "Lock yourself in a room, get a box of tissues and block your ex's number so you don't call because Drake's album leaked #NothingWasTheSame" said Eric Custadio, while Joe Santagato threw in, "Any tweet that's even remotely emotional or any that has to do with relationships, I just assume that's a line from Drake's new album. #NWTS"


Blogger Karla Moy, who ran Drake's original fan club years ago, shared "Cuffing Season starts tonight bruh. #nwts" because Drake's music would want fans booed up before the cold, lonely fall nights.

Drake's album leak gave fans an early listen to the Jay Z-featured single, "Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2" which came on the heels of "Wu-Tang Forever" leaking. Drake himself previewed the new cut "Too Much" with Sampha on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.