Chief Keef Might Land In Jail For Missed Child Support Payments

Chief Keef In Concert

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Chief Keef is in hot water for missing child support payments and he just might end up back in jail.

TMZ reports that the "I Don't Like" rapper was ordered to be in court last week to explain why he's missed some $20k in child support payments to the mother of his daughter.

Keef apparently never showed up for court and now, Chicago authorities have the power to send him directly to jail. TMZ shares that Keef could then remain in jail until 1/5th of the total bill is paid up.

Earlier this summer, his baby mama went on the record to state that the Finally Rich rapper was a deadbeat father. Keef was ordered to pay $2,600 per month in child support (plus $500 for daycare) based on his income of $13,000 per month and his baby mama claimed that he had only paid around $2000 by the start of the summer.

Before that, we reported that Keef was possibly facing another lawsuit in relation to his child. The child's mother was apparently a minor when the child was conceived, which counts as statutory rape. Keef himself was only 15 at the time of conception so the charge was not viewed as heinously and eventually nothing came of it.