5-Year-Old Excitedly Covers Kanye's 'Blood On The Leaves'

By Brittany Dandy

Kanye West’s, Yeezus album hit Gold status and was well-recognized among his adult fans, but who would've guessed that listeners as young as 5-year-old Leland--who created a YouTube clip rapping  along to West’s "Blood on the Leaves"--would embrace the album as well?

The adorably passionate video was posted by Leland’s aunt, YouTuber Kristeena Salas, in effort to bring attention to her Yeezus “Obsessed” nephew.

Like a true MC Leland covers Kanye’s "Blood on the Leaves" with great poise and enthusiasm. Bouncing around in his chair, clinching his fists and flailing his arms in front of his webcam; Leland belts out all four verses and repeats the bridge from his gut, despite his pre-pubescent tone of voice. Keeping his rap age appropriate, he mindfully censors himself, skipping over the profane lyrics and even sometimes covering his mouth with his hand.

“I love how he doesn’t say the swear words, like he knows they’re really bad to say and he’ll get in trouble. Good parenting!” one viewer Emmanual Alexander, commented beneath the video.

Half way through the track Leland announces that the highlight of the song is coming up. “Now this is the best part!” Leland shouts, “Wait for this!”

"All my second string (Leland covers his mouth), trying to get a baby, trying to get a baby, now you talkin’ crazy…" he raps.

At the end of the video Leland tell his aunt’s 77,903 subscribers that they can expect more posts of him rapping cuts from the artist he admires most, Kaye West.