Lupe Fiasco Questions 'Greatest Rapper Alive' On 'Peace Of Paper/Cup Of Jayzus'


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Lupe Fiasco reminds listeners of his lyrical skills on the new track "Peace Of Paper/ Cup of Jayzus." In the nearly 7-minute song, Lupe questions the notion of who is really the "Greatest Rapper Alive" and explores his own conflicting opinions. "I'm not the greatest rapper... the greatest rappers' a lie," he raps.

Lupe then name-checks several contenders for the title including Jadakiss, Biggie Smalls and Common. "Phone rang it was Ghost he said 'Kiss the greatest rapper... Goodbye!'/Chris said Common, Common said Kweli, Talib said I'm sure it's Mos Definitely!" Lupe continues.

On the track, Lupe also mentions Drake. "What would be really funny if I blew up after Drizzy/And started from the bottomless back to the topless like a watcher of Strips," is clearly a response to the Toronto rapper's reference, "My weight up, I refuse to wait up, I started a new race/It's funny when you think a n--- blew up after Lupe" from "5am in Toronto." Additionally, Lupe raps about Odd Future and Earl Sweatshirt, "You just witnessed a double, a probable Odd Future diss in the future/And me ghostwriting my own rebuttals."

Recently, Lupe released another exercise in lyricism with his response to Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse. In "SLR 2," Lupe takes issue with Kendrick comparing himself to Hov and Nas: "He's so crazy, look at the little baby/N----a you ain't Nas, n----a you ain't Jay Z/You will respect me, you will reject me/But I've done so much, no matter how far you go, you will reflect me."