Meek Mill Not Feeling Cassidy's Lil Snupe Reference On Diss Track

Meek Mill and Cassidy have been trading jabs over the past few months, with the MMG rapper dropping "Kendrick You Next" last week and Cassidy immediately returning fire on "Catch A Body." "I just be helping him out really,” Meek told MTV News, laughing, as he addressed the back and forth.

"I like to tell ya’ll the truth behind the records. DJ Enuff was in the studio and I was playing a lot of records and that was the last one I played," he explained. "I actually did that record 8 months ago, so everybody on my team already heard it, but when I was recording and fixing the last bars, rapping, “Enuff what’s up?” ‘Kendrick You’re Next’ he asked me what to save it under, and it became ‘Kendrick You Next.’ That’s just me giving Cassidy some help."

Cassidy snapped back just a few hours after Meek dropped the track, with “Catch A Body.” “That boy ain’t got nothing but time,” Meek joked. “He came at me before the day was over, in 24 hours, in no time.” The Philly native says he hasn’t paid close attention to all of Cassidy’s disses, but he did catch wind of something he wasn’t feeling.

“This last one I ain’t really listen to it but I heard he said something about Lil Snupe. That little kid died and he’s got family. People I be around don’t play like that. I don’t talk about people’s family members or friends or somebody who that died, in a rap," he said. Hear Meek explain in the video above.