Plies Tributes Trayvon Martin With Custom Chain

By Maurice Bobb

Plies may be known for his gritty, misogynist lyrics, but the Goon Affiliated MC also has a knack for street politicking, an ideology that led him to honor the slain Trayvon Martin by fashioning his hooded likeness into a custom gold piece and chain.

The Fort Meyers rapper unveiled the new pendant in a YouTube video and put it on his neck.

“I just got something back that mean the world to me, something I’ve been working on for weeks, my new Trayvon Martin piece,” Plies said. “I wanted to make sure I had the little homie around my neck at all times. He impacted my life just that much. So double salute to the whole Martin family, double salute to everybody that been touched by his situation, his movement, I wanna tell you rest in peace homie, I’m a keep you around my neck at all times.”

The rapper born Algernod Washington recently sat down with Peter Bailey for his NiteCap series and waxed poetic about his own 2011 trial, getting back to music and, of course, the George Zimmerman verdict.

“For him (George Zimmerman), he just felt like Trayvon was like the other people that he came prior encounter to,” he told Bailey. “But maybe if he got an opportunity to know him (Trayvon), we probably wouldn’t be addressing that situation how we’re addressing it.”

Plies’ fanbase rushed to salute his thoughtful words during the segment, but Twitter hasn’t been as kind to the emcee’s choice of jewelry.

“Plies got a custom Trayvon Martin Gold Medallion made. This goes in the "Not helping" folder.” tweeted @desusnice. The rest of the comments were derisive emoji’s directed at numerous outlets reporting Plies’ political statement.

Still, in a climate where some of the biggest news stories are forgotten after the dust settles, Plies is to be commended for his commitment to the cause.