Drake's Father Will Be Featured On Nothing Was The Same

(Drake explains Nothing Was the Same Cover)

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Drake's upcoming album will include a very special feature. The rapper reveals that his father, Dennis Graham, will be on Nothing Was the Same. In outakes from Drake's cover story with XXL, the rapper explains why he's including his dad on the album.

"My dad is a star, that’s what you have to understand. I can call my dad right now and be like, “Yo, dad, I need you to fly to shoot.” He’s always down. I’m living my dad’s dream. My dad wanted to be a famous singer. I have my dad on another bonus record on the album called 'Heat Of The Moment," Drake says, according to Miss Info.

This bonus track was not featured on the faux tracklist that circulated earlier this summer.

The rapper continued that he has a great relationship with his dad now. "It’s a real relationship. Not to be ironic, we go through the motions of a father-son relationship. Right now, he happens to be extremely stable and content, and I take care of what I can for him."

The two have had a tumultuous relationship that has spilled onto tracks like "Look What You've Done." Drake addresses that. "Like any other family, there have been dark times. There have been other interviews where I was asked about my dad and I didn’t want to talk about it...But at the end of the day, he is a great man and I love him very much."