Lil Kim Dismisses Foxy Brown Reunion Rumors

By Maurice Bobb with reporting by Sway Calloway

While taking MTV News on a tour of Biggie’s Brooklyn prior to the 2013 VMAs, Lil’ Kim took time to deny the rumors alleging that she and Foxy Brown were slated to hit the Summer Jam stage together.

"We were never ever supposed to be on that stage together," Kim explained. “That was not true. She was coming out on a earlier song in earlier in his set and I was coming out on a later song and that’s how it was. That’s just what it was.”

When Foxy dropped by “RapFix Live” two weeks ago, she said that fellow Brookynite Fabolous tried to reunite the femcees during his Summer Jam set, but for the “Ill Na Na” MC, it “wasn’t real” even though it would have been “crazy for Brooklyn.”

“For me, it wouldna been an amazing moment,” Foxy said. “I mean, so much damage has been done so much evil things have been done. And if I was to have that moment, I love you Fab, but I wouldn’t give Fab that moment. That would have to be a moment that God organically put together and it would have to make sense on my behalf. I was the one who dealt with a lot of, you know….”

Jay-Z and Nas were able to dead their beef, as did Birdman and Mannie Fresh. Hopefully, one day the two most legendary female rappers to ever come out of Brooklyn will find a way to mend fences and create that ultimate missed moment in hip-hop.