Buckshot Picks Smif-N-Wessun’s 'Bucktown' For Best Brooklyn Anthem

By Rob Markman

Buckshot knows a thing or two about representing for Brooklyn. The Boot Camp head has been representing for his hometown since the early 1990s and helped to deliver numerous BK anthems—two of which are contenders for RapFix’s Best Brooklyn Anthem Poll.

After making numerous references to Bucktown, 20 years ago on Black Moon’s 1993 debut Enta da Stage, Buck’s protégés Smif-N-Wessun followed up in 1994 with the song "Bucktown." Then, in that same year, there was Buck, Masta Ace and Special Ed’s collaborative cut "Crooklyn," which appeared on the soundtrack of the Spike Lee Film with the same name.

"Before us there was no Bucktown for Brooklyn, so we came and put Bucktown on the map as far as giving it a name for Brooklyn," Buck told RapFix of the borough nickname which has stuck all these years later. "We were calling Brooklyn, Crooklyn before the movie, all of that was built around the same time and era."

If Buckshot had to pick a favorite BK Anthem, he says he’d choose Smif-N-Wessun’s "Bucktown," but because he had a hand in creating the record he feels a bit bias. If the BDI Emcee had to pick a non-Boot Camp track, it would be M.O.P.’s "Ante Up," which we didn’t include in our poll because it isn’t technically about Brooklyn.

"M.O.P., when they came out with ‘Ante Up,’ they made me feel good to look from this angle of Brooklyn and say, ‘Yeah, there goes another angle of Brooklyn and they’re killin’ it right now,’" Buck said.

It’s impossible for us to pick our favorites, so we want your help. From August 14 to August 21 we want you to vote on your favorite Brooklyn dedication. This week we will tally all of the votes and announce the winner on a very special episode of "RapFix Live," all leading up to the 2013 Video Music Awards on Sunday August, 25.

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