Macklemore Wanted To Write 'Angry Battle Raps' After Hearing Kendrick On 'Control'

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By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

He may not be defending the "King of New York" title, but even Macklemore wanted to jump into the lyrical battle after hearing Kendrick Lamar's verse on "Control."

The Seattle rapper says that K Dot's call out at rappers including J. Cole and Drake got him fired up per. "I'm a competitive person," Macklemore shared with New York radio station Power 105.1.

"Every single rapper, when that record dropped, spent that night writing angry battle raps," Macklemore said. "I was definitely one of them. I wasn't pissed, but for like 48 hours, I was like, 'Hell no. I've gotta step my game up.' That's what it is. That's the beautiful thing about that record. It has people talking. Everyone knows it. Everyone's competitive."

"If you get on a song with somebody else, there's not one rapper in the game that's not like, 'I want to have the best verse. I'm trying to out-rap the dude next to me.' That's natural. Kendrick is a competitive dude. He's always said it and he works his ass off. I think he's at that place in the game where he can say something like that and back it up. That's the beautiful thing. It challenges everyone else to raise their bars and work as hard as he does."

Last week, Kendrick crowned himself the top lyricist in the game and the "King of New York" on Big Sean's "Control." "I'm usually homeboys with the same n----s i'm rhymin wit/But this is hip hop and them n----s should know what time it is/And that goes for Jermaine Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Wale, Pusha T, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, Drake Big Sean, Jay Electron', Tyler, Mac Miller/I got love for you all but I'm tryna murder you n----s/Tryna make sure your core fans never heard of you n----s," he rapped.