Prince's Dave Chappelle Single Cover Is A Major Win


By Maurice Bobb

Surprise, ladies and gents, Prince knows how to bring the funny. The Artist Formerly Known As “The Artist Formerly Known As” used an image from a popular Dave Chappelle skit from “Chappelle’s Show,” in which the comedian parodies the Purple Man for his latest single, “Breakfast Can Wait.”

“Game: Blouses,” Prince tweeted the image from his Twitter account (@3rdeyegirl) Friday (August 16) with the photo of Chappelle dressed as Prince holding a plate of pancakes. In addition to the photo that has since gone viral, the "Purple Rain" singer released a 48-second YouTube video with audio to the new track. Fans were pleasantly surprised, if not a little hesitant that the whole thing was a ruse.

“I'm still not 100% sure if @3rdeyegirl isn't f---ing w/ us all!,” tweeted @asiansplenda. 

Outside of a little disbelief, fans were overwhelmingly amused by the elusive crooner’s sense of humor. It also lends to the idea that maybe Charlie Murphy’s “True Hollywood” stories about his encounters with Prince were actually true. One thing’s for sure, though, at least everyone knows now that Prince saw the hilarious episode and loved it.








What are your thoughts on Prince’s embrace of Dave Chappelle’s parody?