Big Sean Takes A Trip To The Eminem Factory

Back in April Big Sean shared a photo of himself in Eminem's Detroit studio, where he'd taken a trip to play Shady some tracks for the "8 Mile" master. In the new "In Your Head" animated shorts, which will air during MTV 2's “Charlamagne + Friends” from August 20-24, Sean explains that he took a little trip to the hood to get to Em, then ended up in what might be the most expensive building in Detroit.

"It's in this place right outside Detroit called Ferndale," an animated Sean explained. "Ferndale is a town where it ain't really too much nice sh-- at all. And I'm like this fool got a studio in Ferndale? Eminem's still in the hood. He's right by 8 Mile."

"Anyway, I pull up to the studio and sh-- look like a factory outside," he continued. "And I walk up in that bitch and it's lavish as hell man. I'm like this is probably the most expensive thing in Detroit." The G.O.O.D. Music rapper noted that there were video game machines that he didn't even know how to play.