Joe Budden And Styles P Beef Over Kendrick's 'King Of NY' Line On 'Control'

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By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The heat from Kendrick Lamar's verse on "Control" has spilled over into Twitter beef between Styles P and Joe Budden. The NY rappers started taking shots at each other on Twitter after K. Dot referred to himself as the "King of NY."

 Styles first said that the people called out by Kendrick should have responded by today at noon. This prompted Joe to tell Styles that he should have been one to respond. "@therealstylesp he called out everybody. U included." The update by Joe was later removed.


Styles then went in on Joe, calling him an Internet celebrity. "1st and foremost I have never acknowledged any kings but biggie ny or not ny 2nd of all don't play with me I f--- sh-- up!" adding," lyrically and physically so chill and save your Internet bullsh-- 4 the next ninja."

Styles then claimed that he and Joe aren't even friends, so he'd prefer if Joe not @Reply him on Twitter at all. "Just don't @ me talking like we folk if we ain't!" he wrote.

The two ended up leaving it pretty much at that although P added that he was open to scrapping with anyone off-Twitter. "I'm open to any scrapping behind closed doors with no law involved though!"