Giggs And Mark Ronson Unite For ‘(Is It Gangsta?) Yes Yes Yes’

By Joseph ’JP’ Patterson

South London’s Giggs had been quiet on the music front for a while before delivering a UK hip-hop gem this past weekend. The XL Recordings rapper, known for his unique monotone flow and ear-catching wordplay, teamed up with Mark Ronson for his new single, “(Is It Gangsta?) Yes Yes Yes.” But was it worth the wait? Yes, yes, yes! Hollowman also attached a heartfelt note to his fans with the new clip:

“What’s good to all my supporters out there. Since my last album, a lot has happened,” he wrote. “As you all know, with me getting locked up and everything, it’s been quite a f—ed up journey but, at the same time, I thank God for giving me a second chance at life. Everything happens for a reason. I also wanna thank every single one of you for keeping the faith and not giving up on me. Trust me, it means more than you could ever imagine.”

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