Giggs And Mark Ronson Unite For ‘(Is It Gangsta?) Yes Yes Yes’


By Joseph 'JP' Patterson

South London’s Giggs had been quiet on the music front for a while before delivering a UK hip-hop gem this past weekend. The XL Recordings rapper, known for his unique monotone flow and ear-catching wordplay, teamed up with Mark Ronson for his new single, "(Is It Gangsta?) Yes Yes Yes." But was it worth the wait? Yes, yes, yes! Hollowman also attached a heartfelt note to his fans with the new clip:

"What’s good to all my supporters out there. Since my last album, a lot has happened," he wrote. "As you all know, with me getting locked up and everything, it’s been quite a f---ed up journey but, at the same time, I thank God for giving me a second chance at life. Everything happens for a reason. I also wanna thank every single one of you for keeping the faith and not giving up on me. Trust me, it means more than you could ever imagine."

"I hope you have enjoyed all the new music I have been giving you to warm things up, but now it’s time to stop fucking around and start getting into the new album, When Will It Stop. So, without further ado, I feel that I owe it to you to personally give you a taste of my first single off of the new album. So here it is, "(Is It Gangsta?) Yes Yes Yes," produced by Mark Ronson."