Will Just Blaze And Baauer's 'Higher' Video Inspire A Full Film?

Just Blaze and Baauer have finally unleashed the visuals for their Jay Z-featured single "Higher," and director Nabil didn't bother to have any of the three artists actually appear in the clip. The "short film," as it's being billed, was filmed in Kerala, India and over the course of 6 minutes we get to see some Kalaripayattu warriors show off their impressive combat skills. And according to Just Blaze, this might only be a teaser.

The storyline follows a young boy and a group of friends who exact revenge on a drunken nemesis and Jus couldn't be happier with the final product. "To say I'm excited about this video is an understatement," Just Blaze told RapFix. "To see something we did on a whim take on a life of it's own and now make it to video is amazing."

"It's set in India, and features some awesome fight scenes and has a great story of revenge and honor.. I'm a huge martial arts fan so it's right up my alley. It's really like a trailer for a movie that doesn't exist...Yet."

So, full movie coming soon then? Enjoy the short film above. "Higher" is available through the newly relaunched Priority Records.