Ransom Wants An Apology From Nicki Minaj After Ghostwriting Fallout

By Maurice Bobb

After Nicki Minaj aired him out about his ghostwriting diss on the track “Man Alone," Ransom appeared on "Sway in the Morning" Thursday (August 8) to say that he thinks the YMCMB rapper “overreacted.”

“I think she verbally attacked me,” the Jersey City native said. “I think she overreacted. The line coulda been taken either way but If you do your research, then you know that I didn’t maliciously say that in any way to come at her credibility. I’ve been openly saying that she’s been writin’ her own bars. I see TMZ, the way they put words in my mouth, ‘Well Ransom said he did ghostwriting for you.’ I didn’t say that.”

The whole controversy was sparked by his line, “Before Nicki was wearing those crazy wigs, I was doing verses for her, just hoping she made it big," which resulted in an incendiary rant by the Queen of the Barbz.

“I’m not even a man and ni--as got my d-ck in they mouth,” Nicki told papparazi in Los Angeles. “I slaughter these ni—as. Period. I’m undisputed because I’m the only female rapper that day one, I don’t need no mother-ckin’ ghostwriter. So if you telling that lie, you must be real f----n’ desperate and you still ain’t gon’ pop. How ‘bout that?”

Ransom understood that his line could be mistaken for a jab at the YMCMB MC he’d once collaborated with on her Playtime Is Over and Sucka Free mixtapes, but he couldn’t avail the level of vitriol hurled his way for "writing what I feel."

“I can see why it would be misinterpreted, but I can’t see why she would lash out so viciously like that and invite me to her metaphoric penis,” he said. “But if she really had a penis, you already know how I get down, like, I’d a been at your doorstep, but it was metaphoric she’s a woman, I have no hatred towards a woman, I’m a man. So I take it like that. I thought we was a lil bigger than that. I thought when we cross paths again it would be something different.”

It was a far cry from the days when Ransom would help out a friend by hopping on a track with a guest verse.

“She used to call me and be like, ‘Yo Ran, I need a verse for this song.’ Alright, I got you Nick. I used to do verses for her,” he added. “She wasn’t poppin’ at the time. At the time, nobody cared. I used to tell her, ‘Yo Nick, I think you the illest right now. We used to talk often, you know. And when I see her doing her thing, I was happy for her. I never asked her for anything. I never tried to piggyback off her. That’s why I wanted to help because I knew she was dope.”

The disagreement between the two then spilled over onto Twitter, where the Barbz tore Ransom a new one for daring to question their beloved empress. “They inventive when it comes to these insults. It’s crazy,” Ransom said.

As for how they move past their rift, Ransom says Nicki should apologize when they see each other. “I don’t want no public apology,” he said. “You gotta apologize to me. You have to.”