Jay Z And Dame Dash's Reunion Gets Hip-Hop Community Buzzing


By Maurice Bobb

Reunited and it feels so good. After years of not speaking, Jay Z and Dame Dash, two of the original founders of Roc-A-Fella Records, laughed and shook hands at music executive Chaka Pilgrim’s birthday party in New York City Wednesday (August 7) night. 

Dame posted the historic picture via his Instagram account and it went viral immediately. There they were, two former best buds and business partners, together again for the first time since their fallout back in 2005 that put the kibosh on one of the biggest movements in the history of the rap game.

With such an unexpected, monumental photo floating around social media, scores of fans rushed to chime in with their thoughts, which was overwhelmingly positive with hashtags like #Epic and #Historic thrown around as freely as dice in Dame’s signature dance.

@UncleRUSH love seeing this photo of Jay and Dame together again...


@CL_Blessed14: Jay-Z & Dame Dash are being seen together... ???????? this is a great hip hop moment. #RocAFella

@Lathon_Macon: I need Dame pouring d'ussé on girls in the next jay video

@iim_SHORT: Sometimes you're "friend" needs a long ass time out, for example, Damon dash and Jay

@_yesKala Aw: Jay-Z & Dame Dash made up? That's wassup.

@Eye_tweetMySoul: That pic of Dame & Hov almost made me grab the Palmolive bottle & do the Dame Dash dance..

Some fans, however, lamented the fact that the Hov and Dame photo op didn’t mean that the two moguls would be forming another business relationship.

@_JayMoses: Man..I can't even front, this news about Jay & Dame almost brought a tear to my eye. If they end up working again, Jay'll get that billion.

@vado242: This Jay and Dame pic don't mean anything. Jay still ain't helping that ni--a get outta debt.

@TonyBoy61_: Jay took a pic with Dame but is he puttin that ni--a on the staff tho?

@BlesstheChild_: Just because Jay and Dame took a pic together doesn't mean they will proceed to do business together. It was just no love lost.

What were your thoughts on the Jay Z/Dame Dash reunion photo?