Chance The Rapper Unveils 'Everybody's Something' Video

Chance The Rapper delivers another impressive visual from Acid Rap, this time for the introspective cut "Everybody's Something." A couple months back Chance broke down a couple of the song's most meaningful lines for Mixtape Daily. Watch the new video above, and hear what he had to say about the song after the jump.

"Everybody's Something": "I used to tell h--s I was dark light or off white, but I'll fight if a n---a said that I talk white/ And both my parents was black but they saw it fit that I talk right/ With my drawers hid but my hard head stayed in the clouds like a lost kite."

Lyrical breakdown: "There's just this stigma of self-hatred [within] the black community. People wanna say that they're part Native American or mixed, or anything other than black. We're raised to believe that there's something better about not being fully black, something eccentric about it. I'm saying I used to tell girls that I was mixed, which is a bold-faced lie! I'm light skinned and I used to lean on that because that's something a lot of black people pride themselves on and it's weird. I would even go lengths to lie and say that I'm mixed or biracial when in another light, I'd fight if a n----a said that I talked white.