Kidnapping Victim Amanda Berry Joins Nelly On Stage In Cleveland

By Maurice Bobb

It’ll probably be a long time before Amanda Berry fully recovers from her 10-year ordeal as a kidnapping victim, but thanks to Nelly, who brought her onstage at Cleveland’s Roverfest Saturday (July 27) night, she's at least off to a good start.

“I can’t even imagine the type of strength and the type of courage that it took to keep it going,” Nelly told Berry as she stood on stage smiling. “For that again I commend you, and I say thank you.”

It was Berry’s first public appearance since Ariel Castro was sentenced to life in prison plus 1,000 years and with no possibility of parole for holding her and two other women, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, captive under brutal conditions that included rape in his home.

The 27-year old stayed onstage and danced as if she were making up for lost party time as the Country Grammar MC performed “Just a Dream.”


Kayleigh Fladung, who was in attendance, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that “she came out with a friend, another young woman, she didn't say anything, but she was smiling and happy. She waved to the crowd, everyone went crazy cheering, and she went backstage,” he continued. “Nelly did his set, four or five songs, and then he brought her out again and everyone cheered."

Berry might also be relieved because she doesn’t have to participate in a grueling trial. Castro accepted a plea bargain deal last week to avoid the death penalty.