Rick Ross' 'I Wonder Why' References Controversial Stand Your Ground Law


By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Rick Ross dropped a new song today, "I Wonder Why," in which he ponders his life. On the track, Ross wonders why his brother is incarcerated and why his ambition continues to push him forward. The MMG honcho also indirectly references slain Trayvon Martin and the incident which led to his death in Rozay's home state of Florida.

"Now I'm being followed by some creepy ass cracker," Ross raps, a seemingly thinly-veiled reference to vigilante George Zimmerman following Travyon. "Stand your ground! Stand your ground! You gotta stand your ground!" Ross cries. Zimmerman stood behind Florida's controversial Stand Your Ground law to justify shooting Trayvon since he felt "threatened."

When Zimmerman was found "Not Guilty" of murdering Trayvon, the hip-hop community (and most of the nation) was shocked. Rozay and Nicki Minaj sent their love to the murdered teen's family, while other artists like Solange Knowles urged fans to protest. Young Jeezy released a new tribute track "It's A Cold World" as did Wyclef with "Justice (If You're 17)." "He could've been the next president, he could've been the next Steve Jobs," 'Clef muses on the latter.

Wyclef, Prodigy, activist Kevin Powell and lawyer Stacey Richman more also joined "RapFix Live" for a special tribute to Trayvon Martin.