Meek Mill Throws Jabs At Gillie Da Kid On 'Panamera?'

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

The battle for the best rapper in Philly rages on. This weekend, Meek Mill dropped a verse on Omelly's "Panamera," which featured several thinly-veiled disses seemingly at fellow rapper Gillie Da Kid. On “Panamera" (a reference to the Porsche car) Meek raps, “Ballin off in Miami I got two of them rings/I’m super rich ya’ll still trippin on who the king….So, you can diss in your raps but when I run into you/It's gon' be 'I didn't say that' or 'I don't want it with you.’”

Gillie released his diss track "King Me" directed against Meek a few days earlier. Though indirect, many agree that the song was in response to subliminals Meek threw this month on Twitter about how he was the true king of his town. ""king of Philly" If you got knocked out you ain't the king! Lol who am I then!" he tweeted along with, "And I ain't gone do no back and forth ima b in them Philly streets in the biggest whips you can't miss me fraud!"


Gillie himself stepped away from the connection, telling HipHopDX that the song was just a generic diss. "Honestly, bro, the record has been done for maybe close to a month. So really, it's not a Meek Mills diss. It just so happened that it's perfect timing. He, for whatever reason, started talkin' his bullsh--  on the social websites. And you know, I was about to drop 'King Me,' so it was just perfect timing."

Meek has had beefs with other Philly rappers in the past. Last year, he and Cassidy had it out but unfortunately, it did not culminate in a rap battle as many fans had expected.