Frank Ocean Calls Chris Browns' Music 'Sloppy' On 'Versace (Remix)'

Frank Ocean In Concert -  New York, NY

By Maurice Bobb

Migos’ summer anthem, “Versace,” has already been remixed by the likes of Meek Mill and Drake, so why not let crooner Frank Ocean take a crack at it? The “Novacane” singer hasn’t released the actual audio for his version of the hit song, but one look at the lyrics he released via Tumblr reveals that he has a copious amount of shade to throw at arch rival Chris Brown.

Right from the jump, Ocean takes aim at the Fortune singer with the line, “I’m not Liberace/you could stay seated I’m taking that Grammy/your music is sloppy.”

Who could forget the visual of Frank taking the stage at the 2013 Grammy Awards back in February to accept the golden Gramophone for Best Urban Contemporary Album for Channel Orange back while everyone stood to applaud, except, of course, a salty Chris Breezy, who’d just been bested in the same category by the man he’d had recent run in with? The incident became a viral GIF, which the Odd Future singer touched on in his “remix.”

“N----s is heated they keep on repeating the even in slow mo,” he wrote. But the biggest jab comes near the end, when Chris’ tumultuous relationship with his ex Rihanna is mentioned. “You had a lady then she hurt your ego,” he wrote before signing off with the line ,“I’m not even into Versace.”

The “no audio” designation at the bottom of the lyrics sheet pretty much lets everyone know that no actual remix will be released, but the damage is done. Frank Ocean’s pen truly is mightier than the sword.