Nicki Minaj Plays Royalty In Fragrance Commercial

By Rachel Samples

It’s Roman, it’s Barbie--no, it’s a princess. Nicki Minaj got dolled up like royalty in a dramatic pink gown and encrusted jewelry for a commercial for her new fragrance due out this year.

Nicki isn’t new to the perfume game, playing off the success of her first fragrance “Pink Friday” which she launched in 2012 and was nominated for Fragrance of the Year at the FiFi awards.

The follow up fragrance from Minaj has big shoes to fill, but this glitzy glam commercial already stands apart from her former Pink Friday fragrance ad, where Nicki lays on a bed of black roses and eventually comes to life in a colorful bloom.

The creative behind this new commercial comes from famed photographer and director David LaChapelle, who worked with Nicki on her M.A.C Viva Glam campaign. The latest Instagram photos from her elaborate shoot with LaChapelle reveal a high fashion Nicki with a sullen and fierce expression. Maybe that will be the best way to describe her new fragrance?