Macklemore Gets A Taste Of The Mac Miller Munchies

By Andrew Christina

Looks like Macklemore won’t be hitting up the Frick Park Market with Mac Miller next time a case of the munchies kicks in. In a never-before-seen clip from MTV2's “Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family,” Macklemore stands by as Mac Miller gets a case of the munchies and gives Ab-Soul a pretty ridiculous food request.

In the unreleased clip, Mac is greeting Macklemore (a 6-time VMA nominee) outside a Southern California home when his homie Ab-Soul interrupts with an urgent request.

“I need you to run upstairs and get me some ice cream,” Ab-Soul tells Miller, presumably after a quick chat with their long-time friend, Mary Jane. But in true rap-star fashion, Mac responds with an over-the-top food order of his own that puts his old TLT (turkey, lettuce, tomato) staple to shame.

“I’m going to need you to go upstairs, and I’m going to need a chicken sandwich,” he begins. “I need chopped onions, just the red ones, and aged cucumbers, if you have time. And then just like some ice waters, but with the cubes that got the shapes.”

Being the competent waiter he is, Ab reads back the order with his own high-class culinary twist. “Ok, so we got Fillet Mignon, red peppers… and chile verde or some sh--?”

“Yeah, exactly,” Mac responds.

So, lesson learned: Macklemore, next time you’re hanging out with your most dope friends and their best friend Mary, that convenience store Slurpee in your hand isn’t going to cut it.

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