Kanye Is A Video Game Character In 'Kanye Quest 3030'

By Chelsey Wilkins

If you’re like us, and you can’t get enough of Kanye West-- whether it’s his music, his fashion choices, or the way he deals with the paparazzi-- then you’re in for a treat. According to Kotaku (via HHDX) a website known as the “gamer’s guide," a new video game starring the Chi-town rapper has just become available for Kanye and video game stans alike.

“Kanye Quest 3030," created by Phenix, is a Japanese 2D role-playing video game (RPG) that chronicles the hip-hop heavy weight as he moves through life and interacts with a few of his rapper peers. In this science fiction backdrop set in the year 3030, it appears as though West is the only real rapper. All the other characters in the game including Jay-Z, Tupac, Lil B, and more are merely clones controlled by a “god-like dictator." Hmm, now who could that be?

While Yeezus might actually co-sign a storyline like this, the game is not actually endorsed by the G.O.O.D Music head honcho. Whether Kanye approves of the game or not, we’re sure the name alone will get peeps to check it out. Interested? Take a look at the trailer above for a sneak peek of the game.

Will you be playing “Kanye Quest 3030”?