Kanye West's 'Black Skinhead' Video Ups The Ante After 'Power'


We've been waiting patiently to see the final product for Kanye West's animated "Black Skinhead" video since the unfinished version leaked a couple weeks ago and 'Ye gave a big middle finger to whoever was responsible. The full reveal came late Sunday night (July 21) in the form of an interactive clip, another progressive leap from his stunning "Power" video, which was apparently not even a 'video'...but actually "a moving painting!"

Though 'Ye has released a few videos since "Power," including "Lost in the World" and "Monster," his latest, being billed as "Blkkk Skkkn Head," is the most visually interesting since then. "Power" is a 90-second clip, directed by Marco Brambilla and made out of 24 layers of video that looked like moving portraits. Just in case people didn't quite get it, 'Ye clarified for the masses via Twitter, letting them know, "It's not a video ... It's a moving painting!"

"Blkkk Skkkn Head" kicks things up a notch from the "moving painting" with a menacing CGI-version of 'Ye and his ferocious barking Dobermans, but it's the interactivity that's the real innovation. While watching the Nick Knight-directed clip, fans are able to grab images via a handy Instagram tool, allowing them to share and manipulate the snapshots they like.  And, just like "Power," it came with a disclaimer on Twitter for those who didn't get it.

"ATTENTION all sites just posting merely the video version of BLKKK SKKKN HEAD...if you put a link to my site people will be able to chop & screw the video," Kanye tweeted on Monday (July 22). "this is a step towards the possibilities of internet based video. please don't diminish the user experience by just posting it as a normal video … please link them to my site."


So, for the sake of Kanye's art, the video is not embedded above. Please take the time to view it the way Yeezus intended, by visiting his website KanyeWest.com. Chop and screw your heart out!