Miley Cyrus Shuts Down Twerk Team Haters After Jay-Z’s Tweet

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By Nakiya Morgan

Somewhere in America Miley Cyrus is thanking the “twerk” gods. Twitter went crazy yesterday as Jay-Z responded to fans during a much unexpected Q & A session. The Magna Carta Holy Grail rapper kept it real as fans asked entertaining questions, and one fan definitely took it there when he asked, “You really think Miley Cyrus still twerking somewhere in America?”

To which Jay responded, “yes! she represents an old worlds worst nightmare,” while adding “Black neighbor, and the daughter not seeing color, twerk.”

One shout-out and a million retweets later, Miley Cyrus finally responded to the Twitter recognition and defended the new booty popping craze. Miley tweeted "Call it what you want. But I don't see Mr. Carter shoutin any of you bitches out. #twerkmileytwerk." Mr. Carter agreed with Miley’s post by retweeting her. "Exactly right. I am an old worlds worst nightmare. #outwiththeold #inwiththenewnew," she added, shutting down all the twerk team haters out there.

This question came as a result of Jay-Z’s track “Somewhereinamerica,” where he mentions Miley and her twerking addiction. On the MCHG track, he rhymes “When I was talking Instagram, Last thing you wanted was your picture snapped/Feds still lurking, They see I'm still putting work in/Cause somewhere in America, Miley Cyrus is still twerkin'/Twerk, twerk, twerk, twerk/Twerk, Miley, Miley, twerk.”

"You can't really explain (twerking)," Miley told Ryan Seacrest during an interview with Kiss FM. "It's something that comes naturally…It's a lot of booty action."

Miley Cyrus first introduced the world to her true life twerking addiction back in March when she uploaded a video of herself twerking on her Facebook page. In a unicorn onesie, Miley can be seen popping and dropping it to J Dash and Flo Rida’s song “WOP.” Since then, Miley has also been seen getting down on stage at a Juicy J concert.

Looks like twerking for America has been Mr. Carter approved.