Mac Miller Drops 'Gees' Video With Schoolboy Q

By Andrew Christina

Gees, can we just get the video already? After a day of teases, Mac Miller finally slapped us with his new music video for “Gees,” featuring ScHoolboy Q, via ILLRoots.

The song is a cut off the Pittsburgh rapper’s sophomore studio album Watching Movies With The Sound Off, which is currently sitting at number seven on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album chart.

ILLRoots teased fans with a six-second clip of the new video Sunday night via Vine. The wholesome clip featured Mac riding around on a bike while rapping and pouring out what appears to be a bottle of beer on the road.

Mac previously said that the ILLRoots-produced video will feature himself, an “evil” version of himself, ScHoolboy Q, and a praying mantis. We could have only hoped the mantis would be revealed in the video from under one of Q’s always fashionable bucket hats. Mantis or not, Mac says he and Q are “like family,” so the video is bound to be filled with hijinks.

In March, ScHoolboy Q was shown a picture of Mac on an episode of "RapFix Live" and asked to say the first thing that came to mind. Q called Mac the “ugliest white man ever.” Mac got his chance to return the compliment in June on an episode of the show. He was shown a picture of Q mocking his famous open-mouthed expression.

“He always does my face, but what I keep tellin’ him is that face has made me so much money,” Mac said. “So once he sees that type of money, he can talk to me.”