Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Joseline Proposes Marriage, Kirk Cheats?

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" kicked off last night with a heart-to-heart bro convo between Kirk and Benzino. Kirk says that he's this close to ending it with Rasheeda. Benzino says that the two need a bromantic trip to get their minds right and suggest they go to the lake. The lake ends up being full of girls and not much relaxation. Ain't no party like a Zino party...More on that later.

Mimi and K. Michelle get together to kiss and make up. Mimi says that she's ready to accept K's apology but she needs to go through her own struggles. She shares that Nikko is on ice and K is beyond ecstatic. The two hug it out. Awww. K Michelle is in a forgiving mood. She meets up with her new bff Joseline for drinks. Joseline asks K if she should stay with Stevie J and then drops the bomb that she wants a ring on her finger. "I think it's time to tie the knot" says Joseline. K says that Stevie J won't commit and this relationship may ruin Joseline's career.

Traci gets up with Shay to discuss the big blow out from last week's episode. "I'm working on me," says Shay, "but you got to give me a chance." Shay apologizes and says she'll try to fix her emotions. Traci isn't sure that Shay can change. The two agree to take a break from their friendship and see if they can move forward. Then, Traci decides that it's time to introduce Drew to her boyfriend Sean. "Sean is my boo," says Traci. Drew is shocked. Sean dips before Drew flips out. He calls Sean a broke down Tyrese mixed with Ne-Yo. "He's not even handsome!" says Drew. He says that she should look for a man more like him and he can scoop her whenever he can. Oh? Drew ends up inviting Traci to lunch to show her what a gentleman he really is. He tries to kiss her and she pulls away. Drew walks away, rejected.

Erica is going through her own issues. She finds out that Scrappy has to turn himself into jail again. Erica doesn't like the lack of stability and how it's affecting their daughter. Scrappy later tells his daughter about his impending jail sentence. It's heartbreaking seeing his daughter deal with it. Momma Dee and Erica drop Scrappy off at the jail. Dee apologizes for going to jail when Scrap was younger. Dee breaks down seeing Scrappy in handcuffs.

Elsewhere, the girls throw Rasheeda a baby shower. Rasheeda says that she and Kirk are together but he's spending time on the lake. She tells her girls that Kirk probably has a new side chick. Hmmm....

Joseline runs up on Stevie at the studio. She's ready to make it official and pops the question to him. "We need to be committed to each other," she says. "I want everybody to know that I'm the main bitch." Stevie is open about getting closer but then Jos says she wants to "get engaged or something." Stevie says it'll happen in "no time" but she refuses to wait forever.

Finally, we see Kirk party it up at the lake house. The Henny is pouring and the women are all basically skrippers. The crowd stars playing strip blackjack and Kirk is enjoying the single life. We even see R&B singer Bobby Valentino walking around shirtless. "I'm just trying to have a good time" says Kirk. The bromance heads to the jacuzzi and things get steamy...literally. Kirk says that he wants to be like Will and Jada because "they have an open relationship." Zino yells and tells Kirk he doesn't have to cheat. Kirk isn't hearing it. He needs to have fun and we see him walking into the bedroom with two bodacious ladies as the credits roll. Oh boy...